For close to 30 years the name, “Corporate Signs” has meant more than just signs. Our company provides a complete sign service, from layout-design, to storage and installation. Our products and services features the best quality craftsmanship and materials installed on time, at a competitive price. We started our operation in downtown Toronto and have recently moved to Pickering Ontario where we continue to serve the Greater Toronto Area.

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Corporate Signs goes to great lengths to ensure our signs are installed in accordance with the regulations designed to protect underground infrastructure in Ontario as facilitated by Ontario1Call. Prior to this in 1996 many companies often damaged infrastructure and in the worst of cases property damage, and loss of life were the result. As we have seen based on claimed “turnaround” time, we know that many of our competitors forgo this legal requirement putting your company and clients and property owners at risk. Your company does not want to be associated with one of our competitors that may disrupt a business hub by severing fiber optic cables, or worse causing a natural gas explosion. We provide selected customers with progress tracking of all sign jobs including real time updates on “LOCATES” through our Sign Management System (SMS).


We have a heated, 7,300sq ft. facility where we manufacture and store our client’s products. We manage our customer’s inventory so that our customers can focus on running their business. Our in-house storage facilities protects your signage products so that they can be utilized multiple times saving you money at no extra charge provided there is movement on the product! We Also offer a Sign Management System (SMS) service to select customers to help manage their order progress, and inventories installed in the field.

We specialize in sign installation, removal & maintenance.

Our Production Department satisfies our customer`s need for proper design, layout, detail accuracy, etc., but such quality work must be installed in a timely fashion if the desired results are to be forthcoming.


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