• How long does it take to have a sign manufactured and installed?

    • For Stock Signs 7 business days to produce and install
    • For Custom Signs or signs set in concrete 10 business days

    ***Most commercial signs where the support structure pierces the ground, there is a legal requirement for all companies and individuals to apply for and obtain a clearance known as a “locate” from OntarioOneCall. Although OntarioOneCall advertises there process to take 5 working days in our experience with this process has shown that it takes anywhere 8 to 15 days for the locate clearances to be issued.

  • What do you need before you can manufacture a Sign?

    • Sign Size and location, mounting heights on buildings for banners
    • Sign material i.e. 12.5 mm crezon, 4 mm, 10 mm coroplast
    • Graphic content and Fonts- ( we accept .pdf, .eps, .ai formats)
  • What are "Locates" and why are they needed?

    In the province of Ontario, there is a legal requirement for anyone that pierces the soil on public and private property to obtain a clearance through “ONTARIO ONE CALL.” https://www.on1call.com/ . The clearance obtained is known as a “LOCATE” and involves its members marking the locations of its buried utilities on the top of the soil and providing clearance for a contractor to dig in the specified location.

    The intent is to protect ONTARIO ONECALL member’s underground utilities (Gas, Water, Electrical, Data and Communication Lines) but not private infrastructure. To protect you from liability caused by damage, electrocution or explosion, our installers will have the completed “LOCATE” paperwork for every sign installed on your behalf. Many of our competitors violate the law, place you and your company at risk in order to save time by installing without starting or properly finishing the ONTARIO ONECALL process. If you are in doubt ask your contractor to show you its “LOCATE” paperwork.

    See more detail on the “LOCATE” Page.

  • Do we offer volume discounts?

    Yes, we offer discounts on Sign Production for quantities of 20 or greater. When bulk ordering is combined with templates that are screen printed, cost savings for quantity orders can be up to 30%.

  • What is screen printing?

    Screen printing involves the creation of a silk screen (permeable membrane) that allows ink to be quickly pressed through it around an image on to any substrate. (plywood or coroplast)

    Cost savings are obtained when the screen can be used over and over again to create the same basic image of letters or a logo with 3 colours or less. The ink is more durable than vinyl and the sign material can be re-used several times adding to the cost savings. The dying art of screen printing is ideal for real estate companies or those the wish to use and re-use the same basic template.

  • Can I track the progress of my sign order?

    For real estate customers that cycle large volumes of signs on a continual basis Corporate Signs manufactures, installs, removes,, refurbishes and then stores their signs on our premises. We have created a database known as the Sign Management System. (SMS)  Built with Real Estate companies in mind the system tracks your inventory in the field, their locations, types of each sign, and for newly ordered signs, their progress through the manufacture  and “LOCATE” process right up to installation.

  • How long to complete the ONTARIO ONECALL process or obtain a "LOCATE?"

    ONTARIO ONECALL has a policy of 5 business days for “LOCATE” completion. Due to high volumes in the summer and adverse climate conditions in the winter, this is target is rarely met.  Based on our experience of getting thousands of “LOCATES” completed, we have observed that a “LOCATE” takes 8 to15 business days on average to complete.

  • What is the average lifespan of your signs?

    This depends of the environment and substrate that is used. Plywood signs have been known to survive for 5+ years while a substrate like coroplast has an average life of 8 months.

  • Do we offer a warranty?

    Yes we offer a warranty.  We also offer a 6 month warranty on all signs, and a 3 month unconditional warranty on the installation. (Wind or damage by others)

  • Why choose plywood over Hi-Core?

    ½” MDO Crezon Plywood has a longer life expectancy and maintains its flat shape. This is due to the use of FIR plywood (one of the most resilient and strongest softwoods) and water proof epoxy glue used in its construction. Hi-Core is a more cost effective product but has a tendency to shrink and expand depending on the temperature and exposure to sunlight that can produce a ripple effect. Hi-Core is better suited for shorter term, or interior applications.

  • Do we store any signs? If so, how can we qualify for storage?

    In the case where Corporate Signs is producing and installing signs on a continual revolving basis for a customer, we can store signs inside our heated facilities which allows rapid deployment of stock signs.

    For more details please refer to the storage page.

  • What are Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Permits?

    MTO Permits are required by law for any sign over 40 sq. ft. within 400 metres of a 400 series or designated Provincial (‘Kings’) highway with a maximum limit of 500 sq. ft. Full legal descriptions of the property are required as well as the landlord’s address, telephone/fax number and signature. The height cannot exceed 25ft above grade and permits expire within 2 years and must be renewed.

  • How long does it take to obtain an MTO permit to construct a sign on Provincial Highways?

    The MTO has a 30 day completion policy for permits. This is a fairly accurate average for completion.

  • Do we reuse signs?

    Yes, we can add graphics and vinyl to old signs depending on the conditions of the panels. We can also reinstall older signs provided that the material is structurally sound.

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